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In contrast with the younger waiter who has "youth, confidence, and a job" as well as a wifethe older waiter lacks "everything but work" They both are victims of fear, inner loneliness, hopelessness, and "nada. The waiter is a younger man with a family and a youthful hurried life.

He feels comfortable in the bar because it is calm, clean, well-lighted, and quiet unlike the other bars in the area. Tesco globalization essays on global warming teel meaning essay writing romeo and juliet poetry analysis essay reconstruction failure or success essay conclusion comedy of errors critical essays on fahrenheit romeo and juliet poetry analysis essay hierarchical clustering research papers functionalist perspective on religion essay papers fashion marketing ethics essay.

He understands that there are many people who need a safe, well lighted place to break away from their loneliness. He does not understand what the old man was feeling and why he spends his time in the bar drinking the night away.

He goes to a nearby bar for little bit of coffee, but isn't fond of the atmosphere. This gives the reader the impression that the man was in despair even though he is well-endowed in terms of financial resources.

Most people who know Hemmingway know that he often writes of alcoholism because he was in fact an alcoholic himself. The last piece of symbolism that is worth mentioning would be in relation to the story and writer Mr.

Hemingway's despair felt in his own life is shown in the character of the old waiter.

A Clean Well Lighted Place Study Guide

Most writers have a tendency to bleed their life into their interpretations and characters. If we die we are dark or nothing. The old man is sitting in the bar and is a customer who is drinking, and the other two characters are a waiter and barman.

The story progresses with dialect between the two waiters. In the beginning of the story, an old, deaf man was described and how he was enjoying the bar and getting drunk almost every night.

He preferred this particular club from the others because it is clean and has a calm ambiance, which relaxes him. When the older waiter referrers to "nada- nothingness, in his mind he is trying to explain to the younger waiter that perhaps he will one day also experience "nada- this emptiness.

This doesn't mean that life has to be meaningless, rather that one must find what the purpose of life is. He obviously thinks he can manage better. The first sign of symbolism presents itself in the very first sentence of the story. The deaf man is struggling with his emotion of hopelessness and despair throughout the entire story.

Light symbolizes the comfort and the company of others, while the darkness symbolizes loneliness and fear.

There is no life after death. Certainly you do not want music- The cafe is a safe haven from the gloominess of the outer night. Gracie is all healed, Bram is looking whole and healthy, and working for Peapod. Indeed, it is one of the best short stories ever written The light symbolizes life because the author believes if we die, we are end.

The young man is in a hurry and could care less about staying out late for a drink with these two men as his company.

The Point of View and the Character in Hemingway’s “A Clean, Well– Lighted Place”

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"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" is a short story by Ernest Hemingway that was first published in A clean, well-lighted café was a very different thing. Now, without thinking further, he would go home to his room.

He would lie in the bed and finally, with daylight, he would go to sleep. A Clean Well-Lighted Place by Caroline Miller -- Monica Potts writes of homelessness, gentrification and the despair of living on the streets. A Clean Well-Lighted Place by Caroline Miller -- Monica Potts writes of homelessness, gentrification and the despair of living on the streets.

Clean well lighted place
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