Education in kazakhstan

History has shown time and again that reforming the educational system of a nation by training highly qualified professionals is always one of the keys to making a society more progressive and democratic. The revolt resulted in a series of clashes and in brutal massacres committed by both sides.

Most of the buildings constructed during this time were earthquake-proof multi-storey buildings. Training school education is provided for students free of cost, although students may be required to purchase special equipment, textbooks and other materials. All instruction is geared towards preparing students for university admission following graduation.

These basic higher education degrees provide students with the required fundamentals specific to their chosen field of study. This chain of command makes the universities in Kazakhstan much more centralized than their Western counterparts. Gumilyov Eurasian National University located in Astana.

Recently, several secondary schools, specialized schools, magnet schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, linguistic and technical gymnasiums, have been founded.

UNICEF believes that every child has the right to an education regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money their family has.

Kazakhstan boasts the lowest number of children lacking access to education levels than any other country in the region. The first line of the Almaty metro was launched on 1 Decembertwo weeks ahead of schedule.

The second is secondary school for middle grades from five through nine. The state has implemented several measures of education reform in recent years. Access to primary and secondary schools across different genders, regions, and income levels is impressively high in Kazakhstan.

Education costs continue to be largely funded by the state. Accelerated programs exist for students who have already completed both general secondary education and initial vocational training in the same field.

Girls enjoy equal access to primary and secondary schooling as do their male counterparts, with a disparity in attendance ratios comprising less than one percentage point.


Alma-Ata was the host city for a international conference on Primary Health Care. Picture taken during a temperature inversionshowing smog trapped over Almaty Nevertheless, Almaty has developed a major problem with air pollution.

During the s Kazakh nomads suffered starvation after disruption of their traditional living patterns. Throughout this period, traditional nomadic life and a livestock -based economy continued to dominate the steppe. On 25 OctoberKazakhstan declared its sovereignty on its territory as a republic within the Soviet Union.

Doctor Nauk Doctor of Science program duration is not fixed usually from 5 to 15 years. Alma-Ata became the main entry by air to Kazakhstan, a status which it retains today. Spear Education provides dental continuing education for striving dentists that are dedicated to the pursuit of clinical excellence in dentistry.

Education in Kazakhstan

Education in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan‘s rapidly growing economy has laid the groundwork for the introduction of several economic, social, and political reforms that have improved the quality of life and spurred the development of a strengthened system of education in Kazakhstan.

The educational system in Kazakhstan is conducted in two languages - Kazakh and Russian and consists of several levels of state and private educational establishments: infant schools, elementary (or primary) schools, comprehensive schools, colleges and academies.

Latest news and information from the World Bank and its development work in Kazakhstan. Access Kazakhstan’s economy facts, statistics, project information, development research from experts and latest news.

Education System in Kazakhstan

1 Public Private Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training: International Examples and Models Josh Hawley, Consultant to. Role of governing body: The main aim of the Ministry of Education and Science is the realization of state policy in the field of education and science, general scientific and methodical guidance over all educational and scientific institutions.

Education in kazakhstan
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