Valujet flight 592

However, many of the measures it took to hold down fares were very aggressive even by low-cost standards.

Valujet Flight 592

The DC-9 crashed on May 11, killing all people on board. We need to go back to Miami. SabreTech was the first American aviation company to be criminally prosecuted for its role in an American airline crash.

Instead, AirTran kept a large cache of ValuJet memorabilia, including radio ads, locked in an Atlanta warehouse. Emergency oxygen on board commercial passenger airliners is provided not by pressurized oxygen tanks but by chemical oxygen generators.

The finger pointing lasted more than a year. Davis, a fresh water and game commission officer. Authorities say he might be living in one of those places under a false identity. But as night came on, the search was called off. Something caused a canister to spark about 6 minutes into the flight, torching the tires upon which the box had been placed.

It is also possible that the cylindrical, tennis ball can-sized generators were loaded onboard in the mistaken belief that they were just empty canisters, thus being certified as safe to transport in an aircraft cargo compartment.

When investigators finished their job, they believed they had the cause. The NTSB said the canisters in the hold were neither shielded nor insulated and lacked safety caps -- required under federal shipping rules -- that could have prevented their activation.

As they pieced together the shreds of the DC-9 fire damage began to appear, located in what had been the forward cargo bay of the plane. It is also possible that the cylindrical, tennis ball can-sized generators were loaded onboard in the mistaken belief that they were just canisters.

More recently, oxygen and the chemical reaction responsible for producing it killed a hundred and ten people and dug a crater in the bedrock of the Florida Everglades. Helicopters landed on the ridge dropping off firefighters. ValuJet Airlines' name and its playful ''Critter'' mascot - reminders of the crash that killed people in the Everglades - had to go.

When the aircraft made impact, it disintegrated into hundreds of pieces. The bottom line is this: Unhappy customers are just the beginning. The blaze spread upward toward the passenger compartment and cockpit.

Either before or after the twin-engine DC-9 jetliner lifted off from Miami on May 11 for a scheduled flight to Atlanta, at least one of the canisters apparently tumbled from its box, detonating a built-in percussion cap that set off the oxygen-generating reaction, investigators said.

It was scheduled to land one hour and 55 minutes later in Atlanta.

Valujet Flight 592

SabreTech employees indicated on the cargo manifest that the "canisters" were empty, when in fact they were not. ValuJet Flight Unless you spend a great deal of time in a chemistry lab or dabble in rocket propulsion, the concept of oxygen as a dangerous substance may not be immediately self-evident.

SabreTech's maintenance supervisor, Daniel Gonzalez, and two mechanics who worked on the plane, Eugene Florence and Mauro Valenzuela, were charged with conspiracy and making false statements.

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Media in category "ValuJet Flight " The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Jun 11,  · ValuJet Flight took off from Miami, bound for Atlanta, on May Six minutes into the flight, the crew reported smoke in the cockpit and cabin, and attempted to return. The constant clatter of the rescue helicopters over the ValuJet crash scene was full of sound and fury early Sunday but signified nothing by nightfall as rescuers were no closer to raising Flight Fifteen years ago today, ValuJet Flight left Miami International Airport en route to Atlanta for what turned out to be a brief and tragic journey.

Shortly after takeoff, a fire broke out on. On May 11,ValuJet Flight left Miami International Airport at p.m. with passengers aboard bound for Atlanta, but it never reached its destination.

The aircraft slammed nose-first into the swamplands of the Everglades National Park just west of the Miami International Airport.

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